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10 centuries
in business should get
your attention!

Yes, the nomadic Vlachs have been shepherding and milking sheep and goats along the spine of the Balkan mountains for a staggering uninterrupted 10 centuries. This thousand year period is clear testament to the quality, sustainability and success of the final product.

The Vlachs mastered the ability to preserve milk and therefore evolve it into various cheese forms. It is their wisdom and on their land that we continue the tradition.

Γάλα για τυροκόμηση

It simply
doesn’t get more
natural and pure.

The very best in dairy starts with healthy, carefree livestock, fed on a pure and rich natural mountain diet, breathing clean air and drinking pristine water. It’s simple but profoundly difficult to ensure. Add to that the absence of heavy industry anywhere in the area and nature is free to work its magic. 

Welcome to the Pindos Mountains - where our herds thrive on the very best nature has to offer. This is organic at its best and you taste the difference.

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Press play and marvel
at Pindos for yourself.

Pindos means peaks, slopes, plateaus, each with their own microclimates, with rich and special flora characterised by great biodiversity. The organoleptic characteristics of the Epirus milk are noteworthy and create excellent cheeses, explaining why it is the stronghold of hard cheeses in Greece, if not the major cheese making region too.


From the mountain village to pioneering Greek quality control

The valleys and paddocks of Matsouki on the Tzourmerka Mountain are where the Pappas family history enmeshes with cheese production for the first time. Their grandfather, a Vlachian by descent started to make kefalotyri a century ago and a generation later, their father graviera.

Today things are quite different, with regard to technology and facilities. Indeed, Vlachian Mountains was the first cheese producer in Greece to apply the HACCP quality system. The care, attention, skill and love of cheese making though, like quality art, has only matured and followed in the spirit of their father and grandfather.

Dimitris Pappas with cheese production