The friendly French cheese exchange!

We look forward to visiting our cheese making friends in Savoy, Provence and the Pyrenees in France at the end of July 2019. Since the True Food and Smart-Ripe European projects we have maintained mutually beneficial relationships with our former project partners.


A trip to Switzerland to the home of Graviera

1 July 2019

Later in the summer 2019 we’ll be visiting cheese making friends in Switzerland, which is the birth place of what became known in Greece as the Graviera Cheese. In Switzerland it is known as Gruyère and is made with cow’s milk, whereas Graviera is made with sheep’s milk.


Smart ventilation leads to significant reduction in production costs

20 June 2019
Between 2013 and 2015 we participated in the Smart-Ripe EU project. It utilised the data and results of the previous True Food Programme in combination with sensor technology and control software in order to validate and demonstrate the concept of sequential ventilation in ripening rooms.